Sunday, October 12, 2008

Taking Pictures in the Community and Finishing off the week in Style!

This week will be a VERY fun week here in F3. Kids will be finishing up on their camp brochures and taking on their community photography this week. Students will be sent home with a digital camera and they will be asked to take pictures of places in their community that remind them of community health issues. Students will only have one day after school to take pictures.

Also this week is our Momix field trip at the University of Washington. Students will need to bring a sack lunch to eat at school when they return on Friday after watching an amazing dance performance. Also on Friday, Ms. V will bring in some cupcakes to celebrate her birthday with the kids :) You are welcome to bring in cupcakes or any snack for the kids to share on their birthday this school year. :)

What else? Kids are truly becoming experts on the election. Students now know what the electoral college is and which states are the key battleground states for November's election.

Next Thursday will be our Multi Ethnic Dinner. I am hoping all of you can make it. This will be the first opportunity for you to choose a date for parent conferences. If you can't make it for that evening-- feel free to give me a call that next day.

Take care and have a GREAT week ahead.


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