Sunday, October 19, 2008

Multi-Ethnic Dinner night, Ms. V Gets an Award, and Choice and Consenquences Assembly

Phew! Lots going on this week. Let's start by talking about Multi-Ethnic Dinner night. This will be on Thursday night-- on the 23rd. It's a fantastic time to mingle with other parents, catch a first glimpse of the classroom, and-- sign up for a parent conference in November. Personally, I'm looking forward to all the fantastic food that will grace F Pod that evening. :)

On Tuesday, I will be receiving an award from the American Legion for the work that the fifth grade class did last year in regards to their pen pal, Cpl. Paul Craddick, who was serving at Camp Ramadi in Iraq last year during the surge in troop levels there. The award will be presented in Ballard at the VFW on Tuesday at noon. I wish I could take the kids!

We had a marvelous time at the Momix dance performance at the UW's Meany Hall on Friday the 17th. the kids were amazed with the Multi-media performance, and I thoroughly enjoyed taking them.

Lastly, by now all students have taken pictures in their community regarding health issues. We'll be printing out those pictures this week and the students will get to discuss the issues they found with their colleagues. Also this week, our unit two math test will be on Tuesday. Congrats to the Math Breakfast Club who came early on Thursday morning and worked on their math skills.

That's all for now! Don't forget to sign your Choice and Consequences permission slip form so that your child can go to this worthwhile assembly :)

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  1. Hi Ms.V
    I can't wait for election on the 4th
    I am really hooked on CNN! What is the award? I AM REALLY MAD AT DAVIS!
    he got a starbucks card from mpale...D: GO OBAMA
    Bye Bye
    Kevin ong
    P.S how is bear?