Sunday, October 5, 2008

Community Health, the Math Breakfast Club, and Politics this Week

Some examples of community health public service announcements
On Monday (Yes, tomorrow!), all of the community health interviews should be done and answers should be written up. It would be awesome if in addition to the interviews, students also brought in pictures of the people they interviewed.

At some point this week, students will get a digital camera to take home for a night. With this camera, students will get to take pictures of places around the school and their own community that make them think of important community health issues. Later on in the month, students will get the camera for another night-- at that point they will take pictures of things around their house that keep them healthy or remedies they take when they get sick. All of this work will culminate in a PSA (public service announcement) produced by each student on a health issue of their choosing.

In math, students are focusing on estimation, and various ways to add, subtract, and multiply two and three digit numbers. As you already know, your child should be coming home with math homework Monday through Thursday evenings. It is critical that they do their math homework independently as it is nearly identical work to what they already learned in class. If they need extra help with the homework, that is good information for me to know, and you can let me know by calling or sending me an e mail.

Help has arrived for students who may be struggling :) It is called the math breakfast club. I started this club last year in early January for students who were struggling with math. Due to the huge success of last year's club, I am starting earlier this year. I will send out invitations this week to students who I think will benefit from some extra help. The only catch is that you will need to bring your child to school on Thursday mornings at 8:20. It's called a breakfast club because last year students took turns bringing in breakfast treats for the other students. If your child does not receive an invitation and you think they may need some extra help with math, please contact me.

As the election is a mere 30 days away at this point, students will begin to learn about the process of electing someone to the highest office. Your child will become an expert on the electoral college, and be able to name their state and federal representatives. Do not be surprised if they stay up late on election night to watch the results come in :)

That's all for now! Cheers!
-Ms. V


  1. Did you watch the debate ms.V?
    Kevin Ong

  2. Of course I did, Kevin! You know me, I LOVE politics. Kevin, please send an e mail. I have an announcement that I am going to pass on to all the kids from last year :) (It's good news!)

    Ms. V