Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Week Before Break!! It's A Big One!!

F3!!! It's a pretty great this week! LOTS to look forward to:

Monday: MAP Math Testing at 10:20.... No sweat, you guys have learned so much this school year already, now is just a chance to show it all off! Just think of how much better you've done on each of your post tests every math unit.... You're going to do so well.

Tuesday: Our field trip to the Sheraton! We're going to meet Chef John, see our favorite architect Stacy, and check out all of the gingerbread houses, including the one that we helped on!!

Wednesday: MAP Reading testing at 10:20... Again! No sweat! You've been reading at school and at home everyday at your level. You'll be great.

Thursday: Gingerbread Village in F3!! After lunch we'll get started on our graham cracker houses/creations... WahooooO!

Friday: Nick Licata comes to talk about his book Princess Bianca and the Vandals at 11:00a.

WHAT A GREAT WEEK IN F3!! Stay tuned on the blog for pictures!

-Ms. V

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mr. Parker and His Unit Received Our Care Packages!!!

Here is a thank you note, below:

Marcia R. Ventura,

Thank you so much for taking the time to send my soldiers and me a little bit of home. It is a great feeling to know that we risk our lives for a grateful and deserving nation. I speak for all of the soldiers here that may not receive packages or letters from home, when I say you brightened our day. A touch of home whether it be a book, food, candy, or movie makes this place a easier to bare. During this time of year it is increasingly hard trudge through the day not being able to spend the holidays with our families. Your gifts are very appreciated. My unit is the 101ST Airborne Division from Fort Campbell, KY. We are currently deployed to Afghanistan near the city of Kandahar. The Company that I am in is a MEDEVAC company. Our job is to provided immediate response to saving the lives of wounded casualties on the battlefield via Helicopter transportation. We have been here since March of 2010, and we should be making our way back stateside in late February to March. We all appreciate your kindness and wish you all happy holidays. I would also like to add a special thanks to Nathan, Jaime, Jessica, Shaila, Dylan, and Jennifer For their letters. Thank you.

CW2 Parker, Tyson
UH-60 Blackhawk Pilot
101st Airborne Division
"No Mercy DUSTOFF"