Tuesday, October 19, 2010

F-3 Architects to work with KMD Architects for the Seattle Gingerbread Village!

Stacy showing F3 kids some of KMD's designs on the computer.

We're already getting excited here in F3 ever since we went on that fantastic field trip last week to the offices of KMD Architects in downtown Seattle to visit our architect friend Stacy.

KMD takes part in the annual Seattle Gingerbread Village that takes place at the Sheraton Hotel, and this year F3 is making helping KMD make their gingerbread house. Well, guess what, the gingerbread has been made!

Coming up soon, the kids will be researching holidays around the world-- and making their 6 x 6 square to add to the KMD design.

In other news, thanks to the kids for helping me celebrate my birthday on the 18th. That cake ROCKED!

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