Saturday, March 1, 2008

Welcome to March in F3

Have FUN reading this weekend!!
Boy do we have an exciting week ahead. Starting when the kids walk in the door on Monday, our Global Reading teams will have their very first match-up. As we learned this week, we have some competition from E2. I'm really hoping that kids are spending their time cuddled up with their expert book reading and rereading for details. Good luck F3! It'll be a great morning and we'll have fun afterwards regardless of the outcome.

On Tuesday we have a field trip to the Children's Museum to check out the theater version of "One Hundred Dresses". And on Friday we get to go to the Seattle Symphony in the morning.

Wednesday we have a two-hour early dismissal so that teachers can collaborate on what we have been doing in class. This leaves Thursday as the only "regular" day in the schedule!

Please take an opportunity to look at and sign your child's unit seven math test. I will send it home with the kids on Monday attached to their homework for the night. This week the kids will move on to a new math unit, unit nine. Yes, we will be skipping unit 8 until after the kids take the WASL in April. I am deciding to do this because unit eight has more review of fractions-- the kids have now had two units of fractions. And unit nine's content is on coordinate grids, area and volume. These areas will be tested on the WASL and no other units have touched on these areas in math. If you have any questions or concerns, call or e-mail me.

I hope that your children have been coming home talking about what we've been talking about in class. Students have been thoroughly engaged in our discussions in FLASH and in current events. Some students who have been quiet before in discussions are speaking up, which is a very important skill.

As this is the last week before the end of the trimester, we'll be having a reading assessment on Monday. Students just turned in a letter to Judy Blume in response to our last read aloud, Are you there God, It's me, Margaret.

Let's have a GREAT week ahead, and make sure that your child comes to school ready for the Global Reading Challenge on Monday morning! Cheers!

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