Monday, March 10, 2008

A Fantastic Week Ends on a FANTASTIC Note

Hello! We had such a wonderful week last week with all of our irregular days and field trips. On Friday we had a field trip that really fed my soul and I think touched many fifth graders in F pod: We went to hear the Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall. Ah, what a treat! We had fantastic seats too-- good stuff!

Coming up this week we have our third week of our Family Life and Sexual Health which will cover decision making and issues of abuse. If there are any parents with any concerns or comments-- please do not ever hesitate to call or e mail me. The issues this past week were on self esteem and friendship. Ask your child to talk about their "self esteem bank account". It is in the form of a box they have designed and placed on their desk. I have encouraged them to write themselves compliments to put into their own box, as well as fill up each other's boxes.

Also this week, students will be taking a break from learning about the Spanish explorers to learn about the three branches of government. As with our Astronomy unit, students will be relying heavily on the use of the Internet as a way to learn about the roles of each branch. We are going to Olympia on March 19, and learning about the three branches will be especially helpful. I am a bit bummed that the legislature will not be in session, but the trip will be quite worthwhile.

A Paul update for you: Last week he was enjoying a five day break in Qatar for some rest and relaxation. We are all looking forward to his return which seems like will be happening at the end of April. We'll be sending out our last letters to him this week. The next time you are in the office, make sure you look at the south wall next to the door; you will find one of the flags that Paul sent from Ramadi enclosed in a case. F3 will do the same with our flag once Paul has returned.

Looking forward to another WONDERFUL week with my AMAZING kids. Cheers.

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