Monday, January 7, 2008

Hope you had a GREAT break!! Looking forward to seeing you!

Read any GREAT books lately??

Hey everyone!! Hope you had a GREAT and safe winter break and enjoyed lots of time with your friends and family. Thanks again to the kids who kept in touch during the break. It's always good to hear from you guys.

Coming up this week: On Wednesday we will get a visit from Wes Fisk, who is a violinist with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. This will be in preparation for a field trip to the Benaroya Hall later this school year. We will have a unit 12 math test on Wednesday as well.

If you haven't already checked out the amazing letters to each of you from Paul, you really should. They're pretty great, and I bet you're excited to write him back. We'll be doing that this week for sure.

Hope you like the new look to the blog. In addition to a nice little makeover, a few links have been added for your on-line pleasure. First off is Study Island. Anyone with internet access at home should check out Study Island a few times a week and try some problems. They are directly correlated to the WASL-- so they'll be excellent practice for when we take the test in April. Just like with the Everyday Math games, I can check out how you've been doing with Study Island.

Lastly, thanks to Danny, Jonathan and Sarah's Moms for coming in on Gingerbread house making day. And thanks also for all fantastic gifts y'all gave me for the holidays. You are such a fantastic class.



  1. Dear "Ms. V,"
    The new look of the blog is terrific! We love it. Thanks for sharing all this great information and all that Maple is doing.
    Mom and Dad