Thursday, December 27, 2007

Winter Break Update and Letters from Paul!!

Check this out!!! We each got a letter from Paul on Christmas. What a great gift. Thanks Paul!

Hope everyone is doing well. I took a plane from Miami to Maryland today. What a great time in Miami. It was nice to get so much sun and heat. Also, since Miami is farther south than Seattle, there were far more hours of daylight. Ok, I'll stop bragging.

Thanks to Danny, Kevin and Benny for being in touch since our last day before break last week. I hope everyone is having a ton of fun over break. Don't forget to read lots . I'm now in the middle of Dave at Night, having just finished When Tia Lola Came to (Visit) Stay and A Single Shard. So nice to have so much time to read. Ahhhh.

Over the next few days I look forward to meeting a brand new baby named Dana, and spend a ton of time with my Mom and Dad. I might even go to one of my favorite places: Chesapeake Beach. More later :)


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  1. i am back from San Fransico califoania my big brother,sister and i just got back happy holidays ^.^