Friday, April 26, 2013

F-3 Goes to City Hall!

On April 25th, 2013, we visited City Hall!  We had a great time.  First we visited Judge Bonner's courtroom in the Municipal Courthouse. Judge Bonner introduced us to the city prosecutor, three defense lawyers, the court bailiff, the court recorder and the probation officer. We met so many people involved in the Municipal justice system!  Thanks so much to Principal Hunter's son, Louis Hunter, for taking us around.

Next we got to meet Mayor McGinn at the Mayor's office.We asked about any bills that he has vetoed, as well as questions about issues such as teen drinking and driving.  Thanks to Allison at the Mayor's office for taking us around.

We also visited the Legislative Branch. Dan took us to Council Chambers where we learned all about the plans for the GIANT park that will be above the new tunnel downtown.

We saved the best for last: we went to the Marshal's office in the basement of the Municipal Court. That was fun.

It was a fantastic trip!