Monday, November 26, 2012

A Very Wonderful Thanksgiving

We sent 23 car packages out to Lcpl Elizabeth Gill and her unit on Friday, November 23rd and they arrived ON THANKSGIVING!!!  How awesome is that? Here is her thank you letter to the class:

Miss Ventura,

  I want to thank you and your students for all the things you've sent us. The luck we had with receiving them led them to be opened on Thanksgiving. It is wonderful to receive care packages such as these at any time, but during this day when one starts to miss ones loved ones, it is an amazing surprise and it lifts the spirits of all the Marines who receive a gift.

   To Valena, thank you for the the sweets, snack foods and hygiene products. We're going to make the food last because of what a treat it is over seas. As for cavities, you don't have much to worry about.  We have toothbrushes and extras thanks to you and your classmates. :-)

    To Kayla, I've never played basketball. Is it fun? I was a swimmer in school.

    Mussie, you'll be happy to know that my entire squadron knows about your boxes and every shop has been able to get something out of them. I'm glad to here about what you want to be, but before you decide, make sure you really want to join an armed force group. You have to feel it in your heart if you want to be a Marine and then you have to earn the right to call yourself one.

    Ahmed, I have to tell you, when my Staff Sergeant  saw the raisins you packed, he was so excited. He said they reminded him of what he would make his sons when he's home. Don't worry, my teammates always know if they want something that no one else has or if they didn't get something that day to come to my shop because people like your teacher, classmates, parents and yourself care enough to give us things that we really don't have access to out here.

    To Alex, thank you so much for the games. We have a Marine out here with an XBox but for some reason, he only brought one game.  So thank you for giving us more options.

    For Jaden, I give a big thank you to since some people were looking for something specific. You and your partner, Bailey, took the time to write them all down which helped us get the boxes distributed faster. We all hope our deployments are safe, but my squadron is with the jets so we don't venture out the wire like the Infantry(grunts as we call them) and the Combat Engineers (They blow up bombs) do on a regular basis. When I see them, I try to give them things that you and others send us.

    Bailey, again as I said for Jaden, thank you for the list. It just helps us with time. As for color I have three; black, gold, and scarlet. If you are still interested in the military and would like to know a  little more, write me either an email or a letter and I will try to answer every question you have and do my best to explain the military life.

    Hannah, we had everyone trying to get your cookies. That's the one thing everybody here has with their families during Christmas. We decided to keep them in the tins until it's closer to that time before we split all of them in half and share them as a Squadron.  We might be away from our loved ones, but the Marines are very close-knit and we become a second family. Trail mixes are amazing gifts because they really don't go bad and they have little goodies in them while we're working on whatever we do. As for your dad, I'm sure you are very proud of him.  Mine was a Marine and Grandpa was in the army. Tell him my squadron also says thank you for his service to our country and the gifts he helped with.

   To Sherrdonna, thank you for the snacks. The stuffed animals you sent we don't keep. I give them to the grunts so they can be given to the children they meet.  And as for the toothbrushes, noted.

    Nallelie, Thank you for the candy and all the hygiene products we found in your box. It really does help us all out when we get stuff like that.

    Linda, granola bars are the best. They are the ultimate snack food. They can be eaten anytime, anywhere  and they give us some of the nutrition we need on a regular basis. The mashed potatoes arrived right on Thanksgiving. Give you a guess what my shop is sharing tonight.

   For the first graders' drawings, we would like it if you would tell them thank you from us. We have them hung across our hanger so everyone can see. Thank you for adding color to the desert.

   Finally, to Christy.  In your letter you thanked us for serving the fishes and animals. Granted, me might take care of them we don't serve them. When you enlist to become a soldier, airman, seaman, or Marine, you take an oath to serve and protect the United States of America and her people. We serve the country and, in turn, serve you and the rest sitting in the classroom to the left and right of you.

     Thank you all so much for these gifts. even if it seemed weird as a school project it still makes a difference out here in the middle of a combat zone for those who received it.

                                     LCpl Elizabeth Gill

                                                                Semper Fi!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Getting Back into the Swing of Things!

F3!  Sorry I had to miss school for a few weeks!  I am SO happy to be back!

Now it is time to get back into the swing of things. On Monday, we will get started with doing just that.  With one day left until the 2012 Election, we will go over ballot measures and the Electoral College.  We will make final predictions to get ready for the big day.

Also, we will get started with Global Reading.  There are 14 slots available for kids who want to be a part of Global Reading this year. Check out the Seattle Public Library link to get started.

We'll also discuss Maple's annual care package drive and talk about continuing the F3 tradition of being the leaders of this drive.

Lastly, we'll discuss upcoming parent teacher conferences and talk about how YOU will be getting ready for the conference by setting up goals in reading, math and behavior in these next two weeks.

Can't wait to see you guys!!