Monday, April 30, 2012

F3 is going to City Hall on Friday, May 4!!

We're excited to announce that F3 will be going to Seattle City Hall on Friday, May 4th!! We will leave Maple at approximately 9:25 and return right to school by 2:45. We will be meeting with Bruce Harrell, a member of the City Council. We’ll also get to visit the City Courthouse and see Judge Hightower and hopefully go by the Mayor’s office. This will be a great learning experience for the kids who have been learning all about the three branches of government. We will be taking the bus and link light rail to get to downtown. Students will need to bring $3.00 to cover the cost of transportation.

The more parents, the better! Please come if you can on May 4th. I am so sorry about the late notice. It’s been very hard to nail down a date!!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring has Sprung in F3!!

Spring has definitely sprung in F3, and with it we are having a blast!

We are about halfway through our FLASH unit. Kids have been handling the subject matter with great maturity, and are sticking to our FLASH ground rules:

  • no side conversations

  • it's ok to laugh, but calm down soon so we can move on

  • what is said in F3, stays in F3 and/or goes home

  • no put downs

  • have fun and learn lots!
Yesterday we began our Micros and Me unit. This unit was created by researches at the University of Washington. Through Micros and Me, students will be learning about microbes, health, bacteria, and making connections between home health practices and science. It's a fantastic unit. The research by the UW is ongoing, and as such kids received a consent form. If you have not yet handed in your consent form, please do so!

We finished our unit on Colonial Boston and have moved on to the Constitution. As the kids are learning about the comings and goings of our Founding Fathers, we are currently working on a new F-3 Constitution complete with rules, rights and responsibilities. Stay tuned!

Thanks again for all you continued support, and make sure you are tuning in to our podcasts, KOF3 Radio!