Friday, October 28, 2011

Podasts, Watershed, Care Packages, Gingerbread, Oh My!

There is A LOT going on in the next two months in F-3.

First off! The podcasts are going SO well. I hope you've gotten to hear at least one of them since we started. They come out almost every weekday. These last few are all Halloween episodes.

Next, we're getting ready for our first field trip which is to the Cedar River Watershed on November 15th. There, students will learn all about the source of their drinking water. They will also learn all about the water cycle.

That same week, November 14-18, F-3 students will be doing community service by collecting items like leftover Halloween candy, toiletries, magazines, etc., to send over to troops in Afghanistan for the holidays. On the 18th, we'll pack and send all of the items off in the mail.

On December 2nd, kids will be going to the Downtown Sheraton to check out the annual Gingerbread Village. Each year, top architect firms from across Seattle compete for the most lavish and creative gingerbread house. Kids will be going briefly in the morning to get inspired to make their own gingerbread houses on December 15. An architect who has designed many past gingerbread houses will talk to the kids about architecture and using math in her job. She'll even be in the classroom on 12/15 to help the kids make their own gingerbread houses.

Parents and friends--email Ms. V and let her know if you can come to F-3 or come with F-3 on any of the dates mentioned above!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our first stories are Live and ONLINE!

Parents, Friends and F3 Kids!

We're all set! Our first radio show is up on the blog and out in the world! Congrats to the producer and host David L for a GREAT first episode. It's going to be A LOT of fun to record our stories and listen to them in the class and online at home. F-3 is famous!

To listen to KOF3 radio click here or at the top right corner of the blog.

Ms. V.