Monday, August 29, 2011

Hooray for fifth grade in F-3 at Maple!!! Welcome!!

Hello! I am Marcia Ventura, and I will be your child’s fifth grade teacher this year. I have taught in the Seattle School District for twelve years, and this is my fifth year at Maple, and I love it here deeply!

Fifth grade is a very exciting year for students. At this moment they are one year from starting middle school, and as such, it is critical that throughout the year, students become academically and socially ready for that transition. Instruction, especially in the areas of reading, writing, and math, will be rigorous to ensure that readiness.

What will students learn this year? In science, they will work with microscopes, learn about erosion and ground water, and even become engineers. In social studies, your child will learn about early US history and the principles this country was founded on.

Math starts to get a little tricky for kids, and for that reason, I have a Math Breakfast club that will begin in October for kids that need a little extra help.Homework will be given Monday through Thursday. Students should be spending about 30 minutes on homework, and and thirty minutes reading a book of their choice.

I expect homework to be done completely independently. If your child is asking for help often with the homework, please let me know. All homework given in class will be directly related to what was taught during that school day.

Coming up very soon will be FOURTH and FIFTH GRADE CAMP!!!! Woohoo! Most of the students are already signed up and paid for. If you are not, you'll be receiving a phone call from me very soon :). Camp is very exciting and will be taking place at Camp Seymour in Gig Harbor from September 28-30. More information about camp can be found in the links on the right side of the screen.

As you know, Maple is an open-concept school, and because of that, students will not only have me as their teacher, but they will also learn from Ms. Salas Hayes and Mr. Allen, the two other fifth grade teachers. The three of us have worked hard in preparation for the start of the school year and will continue to work closely together throughout the year. Check the blog often for updates and pictures throughout the year, and make sure to get all of the paperwork signed by the end of the first week.


Ms. Ventura

PS: You will also see links on this page to the Maple PTSA because I am the co-president again this year with parent Jen Moore. In the packet that comes home during the first week of school, please remember to sign up as a PTSA member for this coming school year!