Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wow! We only have Eight More Days!!

The kids have done an amazing job this spring. Not only have they made it through many rounds of testing-- with MSP and then MAP, they have also become experts on Civics! F-3 kids could tell you all of the rights listed in the Bill of Rights, and the critical importance of the Common Good. They have taken a stand on tough issues like backpack searches, a ban on Shark Fin sales, cyberbullying vs. free speech, corporal punishment in schools, banning smoking in public spaces, book bans and school uniforms. Students know how to argue appropriately and clearly. On June 3, students held formal debates on these issues and did a GREAT job!!

But not only have students become great learners of civics, students also have finished the FLASH unit! They know so much more about their own bodies and how their bodies will change as they go through puberty. They also are ready to make hard decisions as they go into middle school. They are aware of the pressures they may face, but I am confident they will make great choices.

Please join us on Thursday, June 16th at 11:45 at Maplewood Park for an F-3 Picnic!!! Bring a dish to share and blanket to sit on! Then, On June 21st, at 10:45, the kids will graduate from Maple! At 11:30 following the assembly, we'll have cake and juice back in F Pod to celebrate. All kids are dismissed to go home with their families after the reception.

Hooray F-3!!