Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thanks F3 for a GREAT first week!

What a great first week in F3! We got off to a good start last week by playing some fun games in class, getting most of the pretests out of the way and completing a couple of very important art projects. We also celebrated Michael's birthday :)

Check out the quilt above! Each square represents a a kid in F3. Our squares are absolutely the most colorful and full of charm. Good job F3!

So what's coming up this week?! On Tuesday night is a meeting for all fourth and fifth grade parents who are still curious about camp! On Thursday, we get to have our first buddies session with B3! We'll be reading and singing :) On Tuesday, we'll be starting our Micros and Me science unit. Students will be coming home to interview their parents about health care issues in our community and take pictures of health practices at home. I'll be giving students cameras to take home for an evening.

Thanks for filling out all the paperwork for me and for the school last week!

Ms. V.

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