Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We went to a Gingerbread Village, and then we BECAME a Gingerbread Village!

We had such an exciting week in F3 the week prior to break! On Tuesday last week, students climbed aboard the #60 bus to the Light Rail, zoomed downtown and checked out the Gingerbread Village at the Sheraton Hotel downtown. It was fantastic! Five creations were made by different architect firms in Seattle.

One of those firms, KMD Architects, won first place in the Village with their take on ""A Charlie Brown Christmas" -- a doghouse for Snoopy. Stacy Smedley, a lead architect on the project, came to our classroom on Wednesday and told us all about how she made Snoopy's Doghouse. Stacy then gave us pointers on how we could make our own creations. She even went around to all the tables and saw all of the gingerbread house blueprints the kids had made.

On Thursday, those blueprints were used to make fantastic houses. Congratulations, F3, for all of your talent and patience! You made some awesome creations on Thursday!!

Have a GREAT break! Don't forget to log onto Study Island a few times between now and January 3. Cheers F3!

Ms. V.