Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Camp and Cupcakes!

WOW!!! We had such an AMAZING time at camp! YAY! We learned how to canoe, learned about the camp's "Living Machine", played co-operative learning games, had a TON of fun with the fourth graders, and basically got to be super silly for three days straight. Camp will be the source of many stories and lessons for a long time to come.

Mrs. Hunter came for two days and got to spend quality time with the kids. She even got to spend a night in one of the girls' cabins! (I did too.) Here's a big shout out to Ella's dad and Alma's dad for being amongst the fabulous parents that were cabin leaders at camp.

Pictures are coming soon. Parents with pictures, please send them to school on a disc or a jump drive so that I can make a slide show of everyone's pictures.

So... Cupcakes. Wow. Lots of cupcakes this week. We celebrated Tony's birthday on Monday, Justin Z's birthday today, Roussevelt's birthday tomorrow, and Alma's birthday on Saturday. We'll just be calling ourselves the Libras from now on :)

In other news, now that it's post camp we are back at it! Today the kids learned about a cell and actually saw cells in a slice of cork. Later this week, we'll be looking at living micros under the microscope.We're finishing our first writing unit on writing personal narratives. The kids have told some GREAT short stories.

That's all for now! Cheers!

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