Sunday, September 20, 2009

Off to a fantastic start in F3... Next Stop: Camp Seymour Next Week!!!

Hello everyone! Thanks for such a fantastic first week and a half at Maple in F3. So far, so good!

We've already started on a great unit in science called Micros and Me. Kids are doing interviews this weekend with their parents and other community members asking questions about what the major community health issues on Beacon Hill and the Rainier Valley. We'll compile the results of the interviews, as well as the pictures that kids will be taking throughout the week next week. The pictures will be documenting the health issues that exists in our community.

Also, we've gotten started on a read aloud book by Carl Hiassan called Flush. Please ask your child to keep you up to speed on this very exciting and fast pasted story about a 12-year-old boy on a quest for environmental justice.

Students will have their first unit math test on Thursday this week. Please help your child study for the math test. They will get the results on the same day-- so please ask at the end of the day how your child did on their math test.

Lastly... we're off to Camp Seymour in a week and a half!!! Woohooo!!!! Make sure your child has everything they need on the packing list! We're going to have a GREAT time.

Cheers everyone!
Ms. V.