Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thanks for a Great Year 2009 F3 Grads!!!

Thanks for a fantastic year, F3, I really enjoyed having such a GREAT class. Have a fun, safe summer and keep in touch! I look forward to hearing about your summer adventures.
Ms. V

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What?! It's June Already?!

Congrats to all students in F3! We've made it to June! It's been a FANTASTIC school year so far, and I wanted to let you know of some highlights coming up.

But first, there seems to be some sort of mystery person out there commenting like mad on the blog. You're cracking me up... but, may I suggest you spend your time with say... Study Island? Just a thought.

Today, a good 1:2 kids in F3 is on a field trip with Ms. Escobar for being fantastic conflict managers. Meanwhile, we'll be continuing our experiments in science. So far, kids have preformed nine experiments with go carts. They have become experts in collecting data, figuring out the mean (average number), and writing conclusions based on that data. Kids have been so amazing in their analysis that it's no surprise that F3 scored 25% higher than the district average on a recent spring math assessment. GREAT job F3!!!!!

Tomorrow is our last day with the go cart experiments. The kids will weep a little, but we do have one more week before our BRIDGES will be finished. That's right! Kids are building bridges out of toothpicks, popsicle sticks and glue. They look AMAZING. Many are modeled after floating bridges in the area as well as famous bridges such as the London Bridge and the San Fransisco Golden Gate Bridge.

Another favorite activity lately has been reading Carl Hiassan's latest book, Scat. It's a real adventurous, dramatic and SUPER funny book. We're really loving it. :)

Thanks for a great June so far! We're having a TON of fun here in F3.