Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wastewater Treatment Field Trip on Friday and.... FLASH starts this week!!

Hello F3 Students and Families-- hope your March is going well thus far. F3 kids have been really enjoying themselves lately. We'll be ending our science unit on Land and Water this week. Students have become experts in issues of erosion and deposition and could absolutely tell you the best places and worst places to build a home. Good job F3 for all of your learning!

On Wednesday, we will be starting our unit on Family Life and Sexual Health. We'll be starting our unit with an Introduction and a class lesson on Family, and we will work to come up with a working definition of family. Our classes will take place between 11 and 11:50, and if parents ever have questions or comments about what we are learning about in school, please feel free to call anytime. You are always welcome to look at the curriculum.

On Thursday, we'll take a unit 9 math test on coordinate graphing, area and volume. Remember that math homework should always be done independently, and that I welcome any students to come to Math Breakfast Club on Thursday mornings with questions, concerns and curiosities about the math unit we are currently studying.

Lastly, on Friday, we'll be heading out to the Wastewater Treatment Facility near Discovery Park. This field trip, as well as the one on Friday the 24th to the Cedar River Watershed. These will be fantastic learning experiences for kids and will really bring the science they have been learning to life.

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