Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Short but Fun Week Ahead in F3

These are pictures from PFC Chris Todd, a member of the Army unit in Afghanistan that will be receiving our care packages.
We'll be having a great week ahead in F3 concentrating on three main things: One, we'll be packing up care packages on Wednesday afternoon for an Army unit in Mizan, Afghanistan. There are fifty soldiers in the platoon we'll be sending out packages to-- so that means that each F3 student will be responsible for sending two packages.

Next, we'll be starting a new unit in math on fractions. This should be a welcome change for some in F3 who struggled a bit with division. As I mentioned to many parents during conferences, kids are ALWAYS welcome to come to F3 on Thursday mornings to get extra help in math.

Also this week, students will continue their work on the Micros project! Students are studying everything from omega 3s to hand washing to organic foods! They are learning so much! I am particularly looking forward to their Public Service Announcements they will start writing after Thanksgiving Break. Speaking of Thanksgiving, I'll be in Boston with my Aunt Lorraine, my Mom and Dad. I hope everyone enjoys their time with family this coming weekend.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

SO SORRY FOR THE LONG DELAY! Veteran's Day Project and Conferences coming up!

Hello! I'm so sorry for the long delay! The rest of October went swimmingly well in F3, and we've started November off and running with a great start! As all of you are aware, kids became some fantastic political junkies and followed the closing days of the election with a close eye. We made great big VOTE signs and paraded around Beacon Hill with them on November 4th and encouraged all resident of Beacon Hill to get out and VOTE.

As you can imagine, the kids were pretty excited by the results of this historic election! We will continue our studies of current events throughout the year, especially leading up to inauguration day on January 20, 2009.

What else have we been up to in F3? In science kids have been doing experiments using petri dishes full of agar to grow bacteria, yeast and mold. Starting today, students will chose topics of study to complete the unit in Micros and Me. One student may study asthma, one may study a certain kind of diet, etcetera. At the end of their study, students will do a public service announcement.

Parent Conferences are coming up. Please ensure that you are on time for your conference as each one only lasts for 20 minutes. If you need to change your time, please give me a call.

That's all for now! Sorry again for the delay. Enjoy the pictures of Election Day!!