Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sorry for the delay... we're going to camp this week!!!

Hello again!! The school year has been a good one so far for the kids in F3.

We started to have centers for literacy time. During this time, the students are reflecting on our read aloud book, A Girl, In Parts, learning about grammar usage, reading about the presidential candidates, buddy reading a short fiction story together, or reading a book of their choosing on their own.

In science, we started a unit called Micros and Me. Maple School has had a partnership with the UW Department of Education Graduate program, and through this partnership, a unit that would have otherwise been just about cells is now also about health issues in our community. After we get back from Camp Seymour, kids will be interviewing members of their community about health issues that affect us on Beacon Hill. Parents, if you yourselves, or if you know of anyone who is a health care provider, please contact me.

We'll be leaving for camp on Wednesday morning. Please make sure your child beings a sack lunch for Wednesday. All other meals will be provided. If you'd like to send a message to your child while they are at camp, please visit the Camp Seymour website. They will be happy to print out any messages you send.

Your child will be quite sleepy on Friday afternoon. If you are able to PLEASE pick your child up on Friday at 2pm. They will have stories for you all weekend long. :)

That's all for now! Cheers!

Ms. V


  1. Hi Ms.V
    ... It makes me sad that you get to go to camp so early...
    So hows life?

  2. kevin it is becuz they are better than us XD

  3. aww thats to bad it was raining on weds i think and thurs not so much sun either were lucky hehehehehehehhe

  4. They are still cooler than us!D:

  5. Ms.V did you know i am running for ASB Officer at McClure?

  6. My dear boys Kevin and Anthony.

    You are cracking me up!!!! They're not better than you, they are just different, and of course I miss you guys terribly... which is why you should come visit... :)

    Camp was good...I'll do a new posting on the blog sometime this weekend.

    I'm very proud of you Kevin for running for the ASB position. When's the election?!? Can I make a sign for you?

    Anthony, how's school going for you?

    All the best, boys!

    Ms. V.