Monday, June 16, 2008

We made it! Great job F3!

Good job F3 students! You made it to the end of the year. Students worked so hard this year in math, science and social studies to learn so much! I am very proud of them.

We just completed a science research project that culminated in another public service announcement! These PSAs should hopefully be available on the website at some point tin the next few weeks. Students' PSAs ranged in topic from asthma to Chinese herbal medicine. Students completed their research on the Internet using the bookmarking tool "delicious". They also made posters having to do with their PSAs.

The class is also quite proud of our student teacher, Mr. Jesse McClelland, who showed incredible commitment and determination to be the best teacher he can be. Mr. McClelland will be moving up to Bellingham for at least a year before hopefully returning to Seattle to teach here in Seattle Public Schools. I am very proud of his progress.

Tonight's F3's night out at the ballgame. Our class can bring nothing but good luck to the struggling Seattle Mariners. Tomorrow at 10:30 is graduation. We will have a reception at 11:30, and then all parents are welcome and encouraged to take their children home for an early afternoon. Hats off to the grads!!

I'll miss you F3. Take care, work hard in middle school, have a lot of fun this summer, keep in touch by e mail. and come back and visit Maple often.


Ms. V.