Monday, December 3, 2007

Report Cards Coming Out This Week

Already the first trimester is over. It feels like the trimester has gone by so quickly. The kids have a lot to celebrate, and also have much to work on. Unit four math tests were taken just before the end of the trimester on Friday, and the result was a mixed bag. Your child will take home their test on Monday for you to look over it and sign.

If your student did not do well on the last math test-- that is-- your child received less than 75% on the test-- I invite you to bring them in early to school on Thursdays for help in math. We started last Thursday, and the students who did come seemed to benefit just in that thirty minutes of individualized attention. Please call me at school or write me a note if you would like your child to come on Thursday mornings at 8:30 for the math breakfast club.

You should know that Paul and his comrades got early holiday presents last week when our care packages arrived. What a success! We were on channel five news last week but unfortunately I have not secured a copy of the news segment. We were also mentioned in the Seattle School District Employee Newsletter.

Coming up this week, we will be finishing our Land and Water science unit. Next in science, students will be doing research on a earth/space, physical, or biological science topic of their choice to study for the next two weeks. I will work with students on finding appropriate articles on line and in books at the library.

Your child should have brought back paperwork regarding a study involving Maple's fifth grade students and researchers at the University of Washington. This study benefits teachers and students immensely, particularly in the spring, when students learn about the structure of a cell in the Microworlds unit.

Lastly, check out Global Reading Challenge books made public this week. About two-thirds of the students in F3 are participating in the Global Reading Challenge. They will be expecting to complete one novel before the December break, and two novels during the break. There are ten books in all that each team wil be required to read prior to mid-March.

Lastly, Erin and Jill will be with us for one more week this week. We look forward to having them in the class! Cheers!!

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